ISRAELI MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Israeli Researchers Succeeded In Reversing Alzheimer's

One has to wonder if the BDS folk will also boycott this game-changing medical breakthrough by Israeli researchers who have succeeded in reversing the effects of Alzheimer's. 
Alzheimer's is a horrible disease that affects a person's cognitive function of their brain. In simple English, people who suffer from Alzheimer's lose their memory. Imagine visiting your mother or father and have them ask, "Do I know you?" 

Imagine a full life of memories stripped away. The Alzheimer's disease is terribly painful for those who suffer from it as well as for their families who watch their loved ones..slip away.
Israeli doctors are working to ease this pain and reverse the effects of this nightmarish disease and according to Dr. Shira Knafo, they have succeeded.

Dr. Shira Knafo (second from left)
with her medical team. Photo: Universidad del Pais Vasco.
Israeli researcher, Dr. Shira Knafo, head of Molecular Cognition Laboratories at BioCruces Health Research Institute was able to inhibit the symptoms of the Alzheimer's disease. The Israeli doctor and her team of researchers did this by studying the plasticity of the brain, fundamental to learning and memory. 

As a country that is not yet 70 years old, Israel has contributed so much to the world including:
  • Medical Breakthroughs
  • Scientific Breakthroughs
  • Agricultural Breakthroughs
  • Technological Breakthroughs 
  • Security and defense breakthroughs 
It's time stop the world stops bashing Israel and starts appreciating us for what we do. No special treatment needed, just stop supporting those who want to destroy us and forcing us to make deals with....terrorists. 

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  1. I absolutely adore my people and country


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