Passover Exodus From Ethiopia To The Land Of Israel. AMAZING!

There are those who read the Torah (Bible) and Tanach and have a hard time believing the stories that are told, while others have a hard time with prophecies that are promised to come in the future. 

For 2,000-years God's promise that Jews will gather from all four corners of the Earth back to the Land of Israel was laughable.
To think that Jews from Yemen and Jews from America, who never met or knew each other for over 2,000 years (!!!), would both return to an ancient Biblical land seemed to be fantasy.
Just 30 years ago it would have sounded ludicrous to think Jews who were locked up in the former soviet union would ever be able to leave and make it to Israel! 

Natan Sharansky
Locked up in the former Soviet Union on charges that he wanted to move to Israel
Made it to Israel and served in the Israeli Parliament 
The freedom Jews from the former Soviet Union gained was miraculous, but we all knew there were hundreds of thousands of Jews there. When it comes to Jews of Ethiopia, they are the Jews from the fourth corner of the Earth! 

Watch this amazing story of a Jew who tells the tale of his own Exodus.

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