Jewish Refugees, Arab Refugees; Here's The Shocking Difference

The Jewish nation has been through some tough times throughout our history and we have experienced the hardships of being refugees on more than one occasion.

There are some who claim that the Jewish people should be more sensitive to the Arab "Palestinian" refugee problem because we know how it feels. 


Do not disrespect Jews who were murdered, burned and expelled from numerous countries only because they were Jewish with a self inflicted victimization of Arabs. For starters, Jews never started a war or called for the destruction of any nation. We lived, supported and were an integral part of the countries we lived in. We never stabbed innocent people in the streets and we never encouraged the murdering of innocent people in the name of our refugee situation.

This video from Prager University will show you the real difference between what happens when Jews are refugees and when Arabs call themselves refugees. 

Remember, it is the truth that we are fighting for, so help defend Israel and SHARE the video. 

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  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2016

    Shalom Aleichem

    Mr. Washington has outlined, layed out and exposed the myth and scam of the (palestina) myth of refugee and to expand further, the entire bogus claim of the identity of this group.

    Thank you very much Dumasani, I'll be in touch, Canadian Jews need to hear you.

    Daniel Moshe Johnson


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