This Is A Religious Muslim Cleric In Jerusalem - Does He Represent The Religion Of Peace?

Let me begin by making something very clear. 

I know moderate Muslims and they are as anti-radical Islam as anyone else. They actually despise the radical Islamic terrorists and they admit that there is a problem. 

If one is a moderate Muslim, it means we are on the same side, fighting the same evil. The people who are being murdered the most by the radical Muslims are the moderates. The people who are being stripped of their rights in their own countries by a radical Islamic ideology are the moderates. If you are not on our side, you are not a moderate!

This is a video of a 'religious' Muslim cleric giving his religious opinion of Jews according to Islam. There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims that pray on the Temple Mount every week and no one has spoken up against him or demanded his resignation. 

What is your conclusion? 
Should Israel take control of the Temple Mount?


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