Where Was The peaceful Muslim Majority When This Was Said In Jerusalem In The Name Of Islam?

I do believe and know that there are Muslim people who are peaceful people and do not in any way or form condone Islamic terrorism. Not only do the Muslims I know not condone terror, these despise it and they speak out against it at any chance they get. My question is, with hundreds of thousands of Islamic worshippers praying on the Temple Mount each day, where was the public uproar against the words of this Islamic religious cleric. If a Rabbi would give a sermon and state things in the name of Judaism when they directly oppose Judaism, he would thrown out of the Synagogue. Where was the majority of moderate Muslims reacting to this radical Islamic fascist speech in the name of Islam? Forget the majority, where was anyone?

Do you believe there is a possibility of peace with the Arabs when this is how their leaders speak? Does this represent Islam?
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