Is Islamophobia Justified? WARNING! This Post Will Leave You Speechless!

I have seen many things in my 41 years of life and 23 years of service in the IDF but this video left me completely speechless.

Those who have been following me on Twitter (@israel_shield) know that I have tried to always point a finger at fanatic Muslims (not all Muslims) so I am not sure how to react to this video.

I have several friends who are of the Muslim faith and they are disgusted with the video you are about to see, but they are a minority and I sincerely feel bad for them.  I do not know if the majority of Muslims agree with this video, but I do know that only the minority of them have the voice or courage to speak out against such fascism and religious fanaticism that speak loud and clear of world domination.  The recent Paris attack was atrocious on all levels, but it is nothing compared to what you are about to watch.

It's time the world and especially moderate Muslims understand that fanatic Islam is a serious and imminent threat to all that believe in freedom and humanity.

As an Israeli I have been aware of this problem for years but the world has pointed a finger at Israel as if they actually believe the problem in the Middle East is about land.

This is the most important video you will watch today and it is important to be seen by all.
Is Islamophobia a real thing?  ABSOLUTELY!  Is it justified?  You be the judge!

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