Wait Till You See What Palestinian TV Just Broadcasted In Response To Islamic Terror! NAUSEATING!

We all saw the picture of world leaders (except Barack Obama) standing in Paris in the million man march against Islamic terrorism.  At first, it probably made you smile to see the world unite against terror, but after taking a closer look, you should have realized the entire thing was a facade and an opportunity for a Facebook selfie. 

The fact that Abu Mazen, a terrorist and a Holocaust denier, was front and center should have turned on all red flashing lights.  Let's say you disagree and respect the terrorist in a suit for showing up and you believe he is a changed man.  Take a good look at his face! If someone from your religion slaughtered people in the name of your God would you be capable of smiling in such a situation?


OK, let's say the press just caught him at an awkward moment and you disagree with the fact that he actually encourages Islamic terror.  You do know that he invited and included the Hamas terror organization to join his government, right?  Oh, you think it was just politics?  In Israel the Left labor party will not sit in the same government with Netanyahu but Abbas was able to build the bridges necessary to sit with Hamas!?

Just in case you are too blind to actually see the truth that is blowing up in your face, here is a video from the official AlQuda Palestinian University TV channel.  Watch it and let me know in the comments below what you think about Abbas and what you think Israel should do about Islamic terror.

How To Stab A Jewish Religious Student Has Been Brought To You By Israel's Peace Partners

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  1. I Think Israël should whipe the whole of Gaza of the map. It is the only way to exterminate Hamas terrorists. They are numerous. 99% of the population in Gaza is racist and believes in a deathcult. Morhers are proud when theirs sons die in terror attacks against jews. They use their own children and risk their livers and let them be killed in provoked bombing to make Israël look bad. Gaza is the purest hate and evil on this planet. By the way I am not Jew. I live in a free country with many muslims and I see how their religion poisens our earth and our free countries and spreads death, terror and violence. The whole world should unite against this death cult, forbid it and defeat it. We are crazy supportung that islam ruïns our freedom, and safety. We open our borders and welcome the enemy within. I have never seen a civilisation as stupid as ours. Our good manners will be our downfall. And muslims know it and are already very much abusing our good and naive nature. We realy must wake up and unite.

    1. You are correct. As Bridgit Gabriel rightly said "moderate muslims are irrelevant!" If there are any, they keep silent, so becoming complicit in the crimes of these sub human barbarians! Therefore all of islam is terror based, and as such need destroying. Islam is the greatest evil ever seen by mankind!

  2. If you go to the YouTube posting of this video, you can see that the poster has many other videos that are militant and against Israel. There was on on there of a security video showing a man running up and attacking two IDF soldiers, stabbing. There are people who mean serious business.

    What I also want to note though, is that there were not others that I could see who were visibly assisting him in the attack. It did get a crowd but it didn't look like others were helping the assailant that could lead to lynching which is always the greater fear.

    This is real.
    Now go do something good to tip the scales to good.

    Thanks for your posts!


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