5 Top Reasons Why I Celebrate Israel Independence Day (And So Should YOU)

Sixty-seven years ago the world witnessed a 2,000 year old miracle. After 2,000 years of wandering from country to country, after running from persecutions, after being expelled from countries, beaten, gassed and murdered, the Jewish nation came home! 

The Torah, Quran and the NT make it perfectly clear that the Jewish people belong to and in the Land of Israel. 
The Roman occupation of Israel was the beginning of the Palestine lie. After murdering and exiling the Jews from Israel, the Romans renamed the Land of Israel, and specifically the area of Judea, as Palestine. This was done in an attempt to erase the obvious connection between the nation of Israel and the land of Israel. 

Imagine how ridiculous the Arabs would sound if they claimed the Land of Israel doesn't belong to the nation of Israel. If you're looking to get any Palestine activist angry, just show them this picture of Titus's arch.

This picture shows the Romans robbing and ransacking the temple of Jerusalem as they occupied Judea from....the JEWS! 
See, Jews were in Israel long before Islam ever existed and certainly before any Arab claimed to be the indigenous people. 

For a FULL Historic overview of (Palestine) ISRAEL Read--> History of Israel (Palestine) 101

Usually Yom Haatzmaut (Israel Independence Day) falls out on the 5th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar. This year the rabbinate of Israel decided to make it a day earlier in order to avoid any desecration of the Shabbat day. 

Last night, as we finished crying and honoring the 23,320 soldiers who were killed while defending Israel, the mood changed to happiness. I would even go out on a limb to say the feeling was borderline ecstatic as we, the Jewish people, celebrated our return to the Land of Israel and the unbelievable miracle of the State of Israel. After 2,000 years of exile, we have been given an unbelievable gift from God, the return to Zion!

Here are 5 reasons I celebrated Yom Haatzmaut! 

1. The Return To Zion
Every day, three times a day, Jews pray for the return to Zion. For 2,000 years we prayed towards the East as a symbol of turning towards Jerusalem. Praying in Jerusalem was nothing less than a fantasy! When I go to the Western Wall to pray every Thursday night, I am living what generations of Jews only dreamt about! 

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2.  We Are No Longer Begging For Our Lives
For 2,000 years we, the Jews, have subjected ourselves to the pity of many nations. When we were being beaten or burned, we begged the authorities to do something about it and most of the time our pleas fell on deaf ears. Whether it was America, who flew over Auschwitz hundreds of times and did nothing, or England who actually signed a treaty with Hitler while our people were being gassed, all we could do was cry and pray others would do something to stop the pogroms, attacks, gassing and shootings. NO MORE! 

Israel's people's army is now the fighting force that is ready to keep Jews safe no matter where they might be. NEVER AGAIN will we wait for the world to do something when our people are in danger! 

3.  Gathering Of The Jewish Nation From All 4 Corners 
Technology has allowed people to connect from all over the world but when the Jewish nation gathers from all four corners of the Earth, back to the Land of Israel, it is amazing in the most biblical way possible!

3. then, the Lord, your God, will bring back your exiles, and He will have mercy upon you. He will once again gather you from all the nations, where the Lord, your God, had dispersed you.4. Even if your exiles are at the end of the heavens, the Lord, your God, will gather you from there, and He will take you from there.5. And the Lord, your God, will bring you to the land which your forefathers possessed, and you will take possession of it, and He will do good to you, and He will make you more numerous than your forefathers.
—Deuteronomy 30:3-5

COMING HOME! (Warning! It's a tear-jerker!)

4.  Look where we have come!
Only 70 years ago we walked out of Europe beaten, ashamed and downtrodden. In only 67 years the Jewish people not only reawakened the Land of Israel from a 2,000 year slumber, we made it blossom! Whether it's your mobile phone, your computer, your doctor's office or your country's military, it's hard to find a place where Israeli innovation and inventions did not sneak in! Watering the world with drip irrigation, saving lives with the medical breakthroughs and enhancing your life with the technological advancements, Israel has come to be known as the start up nation and it is truly amazing!

5.  It's The Holy Land! What Other Reason Do You Need?
It's been 2,000 years, it's time to come home!

What is the most beautiful thing about Israel?
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