This Is How Deep Palestinian Propaganda and Lies Go

What about all the terrible pictures of dead Arabs and the number of children who have died?
Unlike our Arab enemies, Israel tries as hard as she can NOT to injure, kill or hurt civilian populations. The first thing I would ask is, when you see a picture that looks horrible or hear a story that sounds horrific, check the facts! The Arabs have a very strong track record of lying! I know that sounds bad but please let me demonstrate how the Palestinian propaganda machine works. 

Remember that horrible story about the Al Durah boy who was shot and killed in his father's arms? It was a terrible scene and even in Israel people were shocked. 

This video along with its very clear description seems pretty black and white and that is exactly why every major news channel in the world said as they covered this tragic story and it looked VERY bad for Israel. 
The Palestinians had a field day with this story and even doctored the doctoring up! Here is an official Palestinian commercial! 

The Palestinians even used Michael Jackson to make this scene look even more painful. 

What's the problem you ask with using a victim of Israeli "occupation" to make an icon? It would be fine except for the fact that the whole story was FAKE!
The boy was shot by an Arab for the purpose of PR!

This was not the only case of what has come to be known as Pallywood. Check this out! 

I am sure many of you have seen this horrific picture.
Once again, this was a FAKE! 
Here is the full picture! 

Am I saying no Arabs are suffering, hurt or killed by IDF gunfire? No, of course that's not what I am saying. What I am saying is war is not a good thing and it causes pain to many. Yes, Arabs have died and many have been injured but NEVER has Israel aimed for innocent civilians and NEVER has Israel been the one to start any confrontation with Arab countries or militia. Israel has always been on the defensive and has always reacted. Just how far does Israel go to try to protect Arab civilian population?
Please do not tell me that more Palestinians have been killed than Israelis and don't tell me Israel is stronger than the Arabs. While both are true, the only question that remains is; if Israel is so strong and scary why do the Arabs constantly start wars with us? 

Time to stop the lies! The Arabs and specifically the Muslims have been starting wars and terrorizing Israel and the world for past 70 years! Are all Muslims terrorists? Of course not! But 95% of the people named on every single most wanted terrorist list are MUSLIM!  The second the Arabs put down their weapons, there will be no more war. The second Israel puts down her weapons, there will be no more ISRAEL! 
Any Questions?

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