Why Jerusalem Should Be Called The JEWISH City That Was Stolen

On the 28th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar (May 16th this year), we will commemorate the reunification of Jerusalem and the return of the holy city to its rightful owners: the Jews.

For those of you who think Jerusalem was ever an Islamic city, read

"5 Facts That Prove Jerusalem Was NEVER An Islamic Holy City"

Prior to 1948, the British passed a law prohibiting Jews from sounding the Shofar at the Western Wall. Jews often smuggled in a Shofar and as soon as the Shofar was blown the perpetrator was detained and arrested. Here is a video of some amazing Jewish heroes who blew the Shofar then and now.

Between 1948 - 1967 the Jordanian Legion occupied the entire West Bank as well as East Jerusalem. During those 19 years, not a single Jew was permitted to pray at the Kotel, let alone sound the Shofar. The Jordanians destroyed ancient Jewish cemeteries on Mount Zion simply because they were over-looking Old Jerusalem. Synagogues and places of Torah study were destroyed and desecrated by the Jordanian legion and Jewish tomb stones were crushed and used by Jordan as military latrines!

Freedom of religion was non-existent and Jews, Christians and non Muslims became second class citizens under Jordanian rule.
When the 1967 war began Jordan made a pact with Israel that it would not join the war.
As with most treaties that Israel signed with Islamic regimes, Jordan was quick to break their promises and attacked Israel together with Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Israel originally did not plan on liberating Jerusalem despite the fact that Jordan was not allowing Jews to reach the Old City, but when Jordan attacked, Israel had no choice and in SIX days alone, the little Jewish country miraculously defeated 5 Arab regimes that were attempting to destroy her.

Here is the historic video of Jewish soldiers returning to Jerusalem after 2,000 years of exile.

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