5 Videos That Prove The Arab-Israeli Conflict Has Nothing To Do With Land and Everything To Do With Anti-Semitism

There are those who attempt to turn the Arab-Israeli conflict into a political issue. There are those who claim it is about land or about occupation. It is those same people that claim Israel uses the anti-Semitic card to stop any criticism directed at Israel. 

Let us take a look and listen to official "Palestinian" representatives and then you tell me if this is about anything other than anti-Semitism!  

This was aired on official PA television. Was he talking about Zionists or Jews?

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Here is a PA cleric speaking from Jerusalem. Once again, is he talking about Zionists or Jews? Or are they all the same thing? Settlements don't appear to be his problem.

Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrab, official PA teacher of Islam in Jerusalem. Did you hear anything about an occupation being the reason for his hate? 

Here is one that I thought was good news! They admitted there was a Holocaust! Then I realized they claimed it was the Jews who carried it out themselves!
No mention of Gaza? Occupation? Palestine?
Did you notice they even bashed the self-hating anti-Israel Jews?!

Just in case you think they are just looking to kill Zionists, listen to this sermon given on official PA TV.

Let's stop pretending radical Muslims have a political problem with Israel. Let's stop believing they have a justified reason for their hatred towards Jews. Let's stop pretending this conflict is based on land disputes and let's call it as it is; age-old anti-Semitism. 

Is this conflict over land or is it based on
radical Islamic hatred of Jews?
Let me know in the comments below what you think.

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