They Said Israel's Response To Hamas Was Disproportionate - Here Is The Truth!

International press was having a field day with pictures from Gaza last summer but completely ignored the Israeli side. The press was silent over the 8000+ missiles and rockets that were shot from Gaza since Israel's unilateral disengagement and withdrawal from Gaza.
The press made no mention of the fact that Hamas missiles were being shot intentionally at Israeli civilian populations and ignored Hamas's use of civilians as human shields, as well as using schools and hospitals as missile launching bases. It was only when Israel finally reacted that the world stood on its hind legs to deride Israel.

Was Israel's response to Hamas missile fire disproportionate?

How dare Israel say NO MORE MISSILES!
How dare Israel attack the source of missile fire that kept 1/3 of Israelis in bomb shelters!
How dare Israel fight back! 

Then came the unfortunate news of civilian casualties in Gaza and that was it! The verdict was in and Israel was guilty in the eyes of the world. 
Of course the world ignored the fact that the reason for such high civilian casualties in Gaza was due to Hamas firing their missiles from residential areas as well as from schools and hospitals!
Hamas had kilometers of reinforced underground tunnels that could have kept their people safe, but they used those tunnels to protect the terrorists instead. 

It's time to stop blaming Israel and start blaming Hamas who have no respect for life; not theirs, not yours and not for their own children! 

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