Did Netanyahu Give In To Terrorist Demands? You Be The Judge!

I did not vote for Binyamin Netanyahu. 

I do believe Netanyahu is an excellent speaker and does a tremendous job when it comes to PR for Israel.
If I had any clout with decision makers in the Israeli government, I would offer Bibi tenure as Foreign Minister, forever!

Mr. Netanyahu has always been good at verbally protecting Israel and that is what he should focus on and ONLY that.

Here is a young and very articulate Binyamin Netanyahu who took on Arab propaganda in 1978.

So why does a man who can so fearlessly and fiercely defend Israel verbally become so weak-kneed when it comes to actually dealing with terrorists in Israel? 

The majority of Bibi's votes came from traditional or religious Israelis who voted him in on the merit of his security claims and background. 

Bibi ran on the political ticket of "Bibi, strong against Hamas". 

Netanyahu justifiably criticized the Israeli left for not fighting Islamic terrorism and has charged the 'Left' with giving in to terrorist demands while boasting that he would know how to better deal with them. Netanyahu's 2006 election sticker (above) reads "Strong Against Hamas, Only Netanyahu's Likud Can".

Many people actually believed Netanyahu when he said he would take care of Hamas. I did not take his threat seriously. Unfortunately, this week Mr. Netanyahu proved my doubts to be substantial.

Israel has been under a wave of Islamic terrorism. 
I have said time and time again that this conflict has nothing to do with land and everything to do with religion. 

There is no Arab-Israeli conflict, there is a Jihadist problem. 

There is no Jew, Christian or Atheist reading this who can imagine a reality where one would teach or send their 13 year old son to stab and slaughter innocent people. In no political or land dispute can one begin to imagine a scenario where their son would be rewarded for stabbing innocent people. 

When an Israeli Muslim, who received a salary from the national Israeli phone company, in addition to health insurance and Social Security benefits, and had more rights and freedoms than all his brothers and sisters across the Middle East, decides to ram his car into Jewish pedestrians and then exits his car and hacks them to death with a meat cleaver, it is not about some fabricated occupation or land claim, it is about a radical Islamic religious belief. 

When 13 and 15 year old Muslims take a knife and chase after random Jews and slaughter them, it has nothing to do with occupation! 

Netanyahu's initial response to the wave of Islamic terror was right on the money. He exposed their lies and fascist ideology and called out their barbaric behavior. Bibi traveled to the UN to expose them for their double standards when it comes to Israel and called Abu Mazen out for being a terrorist and I thought for a second that my doubts and fears when it comes to Netanyahu's ability to deal with terrorists were incorrect.

Bibi also came out and said that the Temple Mount has, is and always will be a Jewish holy site and the punchline was perfect as Bibi called the Mufti of Jerusalem a Nazi and exposed his involvement with the Nazi regime. I actually caught myself throwing my hands up to the heavens and saying, "FINALLY"!

I was feeling really good about Bibi's statements and thought that an Israeli leader is finally taking on the Muslim lies and propaganda, but yesterday Netanyahu proved he is all talk. 

After Netanyahu exposed the radical and barbaric face of Islamic terrorism, after he exposed the lies that started with the head of the PA and after he clearly expressed his opinion that the Mufti (then and now) are Nazis and that their lies and incitement connected with the Temple Mount are at fault for the current wave of Islamic terrorism, he comes out and, without shame, gives in to the terrorist demands. 

Since Israel shamefully handed control of the Temple Mount to the Mufti following the 1967 victory over 7 Muslim armies, Jews were denied the right to visit and pray on Judaism's holiest site, the Temple Mount. It is both shameful and immoral that the Jewish State of Israel has upheld and supported the only real Apartheid behavior in the State of Israel. 

Yes, they are bowing with their rear ends facing to what is considered the Holy of Holies.
I thought they considered this place holy! Not very respectful of them to stick out their butts!

Imagine if America, England or Germany would say that Jews are forbidden to pray in a certain area. We would be screaming from the rooftops and justifiably blaming them for anti-Semitism, but when Israel upholds a racist policy of not allowing freedom of worship for Jews, we stay silent?! 

Watch the Muslim mob attack Jews whose only wish was to pray on the Temple Mount. Can you imagine what would have happened if they had succeeded in getting their hands on one of those kids! 

Binyamin Netanyahu (Sat. 24 Oct 2015)
How did Netanyahu react to the Islamic incitement and lies? 
He gave in to terrorists' demands! Instead of standing tall and stating that not allowing Jews to pray on the Temple Mount is simply unacceptable, he gave in to the incitement and the Islamic lies and once again handed the Temple Mount over to the same Muslims he called Nazis! 

So the Muslims make an excuse and justify the murder of Jews, they tell historical lies and attempt to strip the Jewish nation of our historical, religious and national connection to the Temple Mount and Netanyahu thinks by upholding a racist anti-Semitic policy he will stop Muslim terrorists from murdering Jews?!

Netanyahu calls out the lies and incitement by Muslim leaders and then gives in to their demands?!  This is not a problem that is exclusive to Binyamin Netanyahu. There is no Israeli leader that has the courage to not only speak out against the Islamic incitement, but to also take action against those who seek Israel's destruction.

There are no deals or agreements to be made with Jihadists. They should be given one of two choices; give up on the physical Jihad idea or face IDF bullets. Any other answer is immoral, unjust and cruel to the innocent people of Israel, who are being murdered in the name of Islam. In terms of the Temple Mount...

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