Anti Israel Trolls Busted In Worst Attempted Lie Of The Year!

It's not like anyone expects anything honest to come from Israel haters, but this latest lie breaks the record. 

I found this story on Israellycool and had to repost.

Israel hating @cjwerleman tweeted a video of IDF soldiers supposedly beating innocent "Palestinians". Werleman's tweet was then retweeted over 800 times including a RT by the infamous .

Just in case Werleman or Max Blumenthal delete the tweet without an apology, here is the screen shot. 

The video is truly terrible and the perpetrators should be brought up on charges. There is one small detail I forgot to mention....

The video is not from Israel, it is from Guatemala!

I know I know, you think this is some kind of Zionist Hasbara lie covering up the truth of IDF abuse.  
Well, here is the Al Jazeera report covering the ORIGINAL story from...GUATEMALA!

So either Al Jazeera now works for Israeli Hasbara or these two trolls simply and intentionally lied about Israel. 

Which one would you say is the probable answer?

The only question I have is what were the anti-Israel trolls thinking! This was no accident, the person who saw this report on Al Jazeera knew very well that this story has absolutely nothing to do with Israel. I wonder how the decision process works with these bigots. Do they figure, "Hey! I will post a horrible video from Guatemala and say it happened in Israel.
I am sure no one will check the actual story!"

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