What Happens When You Discover Gaza Is Beautiful?

Anyone online should already be accustomed to it.

Buildings blown up, poor kids roaming the streets in Gaza with destruction all around them and other scenes that are meant to break the heart over the war-struck Gaza and shape one's anti-Israel feelings. 

Now, remember when Israel told the press that we dropped leaflets and warned civilians to leave the area and move to safer areas because the IDF was about to destroy a building that terrorists were occupying? Remember how the press reacted? 'There is nowhere to go! Gaza is a small area with a condensed population.' 

That is why when I saw this tweet today I was utterly shocked. No, I wasn't shocked with disgust or any heart-breaking feelings, I was shocked at what a beautiful city Gaza looks like. 

I am actually happy for the Arabs in Gaza, this looks fantastic!
How are people who were claiming Gaza is in shambles going to explain this? I can't wait to hear their excuse! 

Just in case she deletes the tweet (after all, it is a little embarrassing to claim Gaza was destroyed and then show these pictures), here is the screenshot. 

Here are some more beautiful shots from the same tweet:

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