Here Is One Of The WORST & Latest Palestine Lies Exposed!

This picture has been circling the internet for months now.
Check out the number of RT & Favorites on this tweet!
This picuture was tweeted by every major anti Israel activist from George Galloway to Miko Peled. The picture itself looks horrible, except for the fact that the Muslim woman, who was allegedly being harassed by a religious Jewish man, was holding a Hebrew book. 

No big deal, right? Except for the fact that it was the man's Psalms book that she grabbed from him and what triggered his response. 

How do I know you ask? Great question! WATCH AND SHARE!

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Everyone knows the Arabs use lies and propaganda to bash Israel in anyway possible. Even Arabs who serve in the Israeli Knesset travel across the world on Israeli tax payers money and preach how Israel is an Apartheid State! Even Achmed Tibi who served as the Knesset's speaker of the house bashes Israel at every opportunity as an Apartheid State. Are you getting this?! Arabs who receive equal rights and hold government positions as well as public positions claim without shame that Israel does not offer them equal rights. 

The truth is I am not disappointed with the Arab lies (Mostly Muslim), I am however disappointed with the fact that the press not only plays along with these lies and libels against Israel, they often instigate them! Why these Arabs are still allowed to serve in the Knesset is beyond me. 
Here is another Pallywood flop that the press decided to shamelessly play along with. Here is the reported story:

 AND Here is what REALLY Happened! 
There is only one way to fight these anti Israel bigots, and that is to get the real information out there. I am defending Israel online and offline 24/7 and am working on a new site to more effectively spread the truth about this conflict and I need your support. 


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