Why The Two State Solution Is Actually Part Of The Problem

Sometimes I think the entire world has gone crazy.  When I started IsraelShield (follow me on Twitter and Facebook), I armed myself with the truth as well as an extra dose of integrity and courage to stand up for the truth no matter what. 

I have made a point of debating and answering every anti-Israel tweet and post no matter how ridiculous or libelous they might be. While I am aware that there are some who will never change their minds, no matter how hard the truth slaps them in the face, it is important to expose their bigotry and show the rest of the world what Israel is up against. 

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Whenever I get involved in a debate about Israel on Twitter, the "other side" has a starting point that has been accepted as a given, although it is based on lies and historical fabrications. 

The Two State solution is used even by moderates as the starting point and as an accepted option for a moral and justified solution to the Israeli Arab conflict. 

Unfortunately many have accepted this "solution" due to their ignorance while others are just too scared to be branded fanatic even though they know the truth.

No matter how many times people call me names or brand me as unrealistic, I will never back down from the truth. After 23 years of IDF reserves service and burying several of my friends, there is no one who wants peace more than me - but this is not about peace, it is about standing up for truth! 

This Conflict Has Nothing To Do With Land!

Let's get something straight. The Arabs (mostly Muslims) do not hate Israel because of a strip of land. If this was about the occupation of an Arab Palestine country, they would be fighting Jordan, not Israel. 

Even if one accepts the fabrication of a Palestinian Arab State that existed pre-Israel, it is Jordan that occupies over 75% of it while Israel only sits on the remaining 25%! 

If this was about land and settlements, why did the Islamic leader of Jerusalem meet with Hitler in 1942 and plan for the annihilation of Jews in the area?  There was no State of Israel and there certainly were no settlements to be angry about. 

If the Arab anger is based on the 1967 occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, why did Arab countries from around the Middle East create the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) with a stated goal of destroying Israel in 1964 when the first settlement was created only three years later after the 1967 Six Day War? 

If this conflict is really about a Palestine Arab State in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem, why was it that between the years 1948 and 1967, when the entire West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem were under Arab control, that no Palestine Arab State was declared? Why did hostilities and terror against Israel not cease during the time they had it all? 

How could anyone look at the map below and really believe this conflict is about Jewish occupation and land expansion? 

Green Is Arab, Red Is Jewish

It was only when the Israeli government, headed by Yitzchak Rabin and Shimon Peres, gave in to radical Islamic terror blackmail did Yasser Arafat and his terrorist organization claim they would change their charter that calls for the destruction of Israel.
"You give us what was never ours and we will say we don't want to annihilate you any more" What a deal! 

It is not that the arch terrorist, Yasser Arafat, changed his colors and began to oppose Islamic terrorism, he just changed his tactics when it came to the destruction of Israel, he was a wolf in sheepskin. It was the liberal left ideology that gave in and trusted an arch terrorist with arms and land instead of fighting and destroying the radical Islamic terror organizations that proudly chant "death to Israel".

What do Israeli leaders expect from the world when they themselves accept the Arab made up narrative of history?! 

    Did The PLO Actually Amend The Article Calling For Israel's Destruction?

Was Yasser Arafat Interested In Peace Or Were The Oslo Accords A Tactical Move In His Plan To Destroy Israel?

Nobody says it better than this PA minister!

When I explain my solution to the Arab Israel conflict, I am often branded unrealistic by liberals and leftists.  To them I say, Yasser Arafat,  who was responsible for thousands of murders, received the Nobel Peace prize and you gave him weapons! Don't tell me what unrealistic is, it's what you make it!

I am not really worried about what the liberals think is realistic, they gave weapons and power to a man who swore to destroy Israel and called it a peace process for God's sake!

The ultimate Chutzpah (audacity) of the Arabs who demand Jerusalem as their capital can only be outdone by the stupidity of the Israeli left who actually contemplate giving in to their ridiculous demands. 

Muslims pray towards Mecca and stick their backsides out to the Gold Dome in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran - NOT ONCE and NEVER in the history of the world was Jerusalem EVER an Arab capital or an Islamic holy city. The only thing Islam did in Jerusalem was to build a gold dome and occupy the Temple Mount where the two Jewish Temples once stood. 

Muslims occupy Jewish holy places and call it theirs and then demand from the Jews territories which were never under Arab Palestinian control and all based on a fraudulent historic claim that the Jews occupied it!

No more land concessions to the Arabs and no more accepting of their Jihadist ideologies or false historic narrative to justify terror against Israel.
Israel is, has been and will always remain the Jewish homeland!  

You want to know how offensive the two State offer is?
When the Muslims agree to speak of a two State solution in Mecca, I'll discuss a two State solution in Israel! 

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  1. shut up you filthy fucking jew. get off palestianian people's land.

    1. Hello Anonymous,
      Once again you prove beyond a doubt that you anti Israel bigots are really anti-semites. While your comment is a typical pro Palestine, terror supporting, Jew hating comment, I am not offended.

      It is good that you took the time to respond so that I can show the world just how ugly your face is.

      In terms of the second half of your comment. I tell ya what, you give me the year when Israel stole, occupied or took land from an Arab country, State or national land called Palestine and I give my house to the terrorist of your choice. If however, you cannot give me such a year, all you have to do is admit your hate for Israel and the Jews is either based on pure bigotry or if you're a radical Muslim, based on radical Islamic beliefs that feels the same about every non-Muslim.
      Remember, we have faced people like you before and we have always survived while the likes of you are all gone.


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