Israeli Elections, SIMPLIFIED!

I am VERY excited to give you the first IsraelShield Podcast!
The Israeli election process is a confusing one to Israelis let alone those of you who are trying to follow from abroad. 

Hit the PLAY button below the shield and get a thorough explanation of Israel's political system and the parties running for the knesset! 

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There are two political parties I forgot to mention above.

1. The religious Ashkenazi party known as Aguda is made up of ultra Orthodox Jews. While Ultra Orthodox Jews feel a religious connection to the Land of Israel and they are not as pro active as the religious Zionists parties are. 

2. The religious Sephardic part known as Shas.
Sephardi Jews feel a strong connection to the Land of Israel and in the past this party has been right leaning, however, they were Rabin's partners when he signed the Oslo accords. In fact Shas was the majority Rabin needed to start with his concessions to the Arabs. It is for this reason that I do not classify Shas as a right wing party. Generally Shas goes where the money goes. What that means is, they are concerned with the funding of their schools and that takes priority over most security issues.

Here is a split up of the parties according to the most recent polls

On the right you have the parties and seats according to one of the polls and on the left you have 120 seats of the Israeli Parliament that have to be filled.

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