Are Liberals Really About Human Rights and Peace? WATCH THIS!

When arguing with liberals and those who take the liberty to call themselves the "Peace Camp", it's hard to stand tall. 

If you oppose the liberal and often crazy ideology they push, you are branded a warmonger, racist, bigot and just about every other name in the book. 

The liberal fight for the rights of those who believe in "no morality" or the freedom to define morality without boundaries is normal, while those of us who adhere to some kind of basic moral code are branded radicals. There are too many examples of liberal hypocrisy for a single post but just for example:

The problem is the world has gone absolutely mad and people who stand up for truth even when it's not popular may sometimes have doubts. Maybe peace is better than war....

That is why when I found this video online, I knew immediately how important it was. War is a horrible thing, but making peace with evil is not peace, it's cruel to the victims who will pay with their lives as evil takes advantage of liberal surrender. 

Obama has been very hesitant to come to the aid of those who are being slaughtered by ISIS. 

When it comes to Assad who has gassed and slaughtered over 250,000 (!!!) Muslims in his own country, Obama and the world have been completely silent! 

Yes, I understand, the world does not want a war, but giving into evil and allowing the murder of hundreds of thousands is not normal and I don't care what diplomacy says, it's immoral! 

Of course when Israel builds a kindergarten in Judea the world is up in arms, but people getting beheaded by ISIS? 

No news there, people!

This is a video from 1941 when America FINALLY decided to enter WWII and help destroy the Nazis. In order to keep diplomatic channels open with those gassing Jews and others, the U.S. government flew over the train tracks to Auschwitz hundreds of times but did not drop bombs. It simply was not in their diplomatic interest to stop the genocide. 

The same demonstrations, the same signs and the same liberals we see today demanding diplomacy when it comes to dealing with radical, fundamental Islamic regimes are the same liberals who demonstrated in NYC on July 7, 1941. Only then were they demonstrating against the U.S. government's decision to fight the Nazis and stop their genocide of Jews and others.  

Watch it and SHARE because we cannot let liberals dictate the world with their fake morality.


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