You Know Those Pics Anti Israel Trolls Post Of Jewish Kids Holding Guns. Here Is The Truth

After I point out to anti Israel activists that they are actually supporting Hamas and other Islamic factions that are brainwashing and abusing their own children to hate and murder, they usually respond by posting pictures of Jewish kids with guns and attempt to make a comparison. 

Let's get the facts straight, shall we? 

These are the videos and pictures from the PA and Hamas areas. 

Here are some pictures of Muslim kids being trained to murder. 

Here are the pictures anti Israel activists send back to make some kind of sick comparison.

While there might be a debate whether kids should be allowed to touch these at all, these pictures are from IDF parades on Israel's Independence Day where kids get to meet soldiers and yes, check out the guns that are not working. 

Here is the video!

There is absolutely no comparison between radical Muslims teaching their kids to hate and Jewish kids celebrating on Independence Day to honor our soldiers.

The difference?

Find me a school in Israel that does this! 

If you are supporting Israel's enemies in any way, you are actually supporting the worst form of child abuse. 

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