Watch Jerusalem In 1939. Has Anything Changed?

It's 2016 and news reports are talking about Israeli soldiers stopping Arabs at security checkpoints and complaining about some kind of racism. Some say that before 1948 things were wonderful till Israel occupied Palestine. 

For those of you who still think Israel occupied anything from a place called Palestine you must read History of Israel (Palestine).

In any case, if life in Palestine was wonderful before Israel and IF we were able to obtain a video of what life was like in...1939 for example, we could put this argument to rest, right? There would be no security checks and there certainly would be no checkpoints for Arabs, right?

Well lucky me that I received this video of footage from Jerusalem in...yup, you got it, 1939!

Just in case you missed it, British forces were checking Arabs in fear that they were bringing in bombs to the Old City to be used in terror attacks. Imagine that! Checkpoints for Arabs and a threat of terror, can you imagine!

There were no settlements and there was no Israel, so there should have been no excuse for terror, correct?

One more thing, when they mentioned Palestine Police, they were not talking about Arabs but about British forces. There was NEVER an Arab country, State or national land called Palestine before Israel. 

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