Here Is The ONLY Solution For Peace In The Middle East

The Middle East is a mess. Palestine propagandists would have you believe it's all about Israel's occupation of an imaginary Arab country called Palestine, but the truth is, the number of people being murdered in the Middle East has very little to do with the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Whether it is the numerous Islamic regimes who have no need for personal freedom for their own people or Islamic terror organizations like ISIS, Hizbollah and Hamas, the majority of Muslims and Arabs murdered in the Middle East are murdered by other Muslims and nowhere near Israel.

Yet we have seen endless violent demonstrations against Israel but complete silence when it come to the 90% of Muslims murdered by....Muslims! Why is that? 

The Israeli-Arab conflict has nothing to do with occupation, apartheid or genocide.  Never was there an Arab country called Palestine to be occupied so there goes that occupation claim.
Israel has more Arab doctors and lawyers in Israel than there are Jews in all Islamic regimes combined, so there goes the apartheid claim.

Arab population is booming in Israel, including in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, so there goes the genocide claim.

Is the Israeli Arab conflict about land? 

The last time I checked, the Middle East is packed with Islamic regimes as well as Arab countries while the Jews have one small State that is smaller than NJ! 

How can one look at this map and honestly believe this conflict is about land or the fear that Jews are taking over the world?

Is Peace In The Middle East Possible?

We would all like to believe so, but forcing Israel to hand over power and land to those who spew radical Islamic ideologies is not the way. For those of you residing in the U.S. it would be like me telling you to allow Al Qaeda to run the flight schools across America in order to bring peace - sounds offensive, doesn't it?

The source for the turmoil in the Middle East is radical Islam. It is the fanatics who have taken Islam to a place where murder brings paradise and death is to be worshiped that is the sole source of the conflict in Israel as well as across the Middle East. 

Peace will happen as soon as the Muslims decide to give up on the idea of a physical Jihad and world domination.
I know, when they said that about Jews, we called them anti-Semites but that is because you won't find a single Rabbi preaching such a thing. When it comes to fanatic Muslims?


Some will tell me this is just an example of one fanatic Muslim and has nothing to do with the conflict in Israel.  So for the benefit of those who deny this is a problem across the globe, here is another radical Islamic preacher in Israel who preaches genocide for both all Jews and Americans. (Notice I said Jews not Zionists)

The day Muslims throw people like the Islamic clerics above out of their places of worship, there will be peace.  Until then, please do not tell Israel to make deals with them and do not criticize us for defending ourselves from their bombs, knives or rockets. 

The equation is quite simple: either you support Israel or you are siding with the same ideology that would have you beheaded according to Sharia Law. 
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