Wait Till You See What This Guy Is Doing For The IDF

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There are many ways to support the IDF but Michael Rollhaus together with an organization called Standing Together have really lifted the bar! Michael is a 57 year old Orthodox Jew who lives in the US and has found a new love and it is called Stair Climbing!

Michael and his grandchildren. I'll forgive him for being a Yankee fan!

Michael has climbed the Chicago Presidential Tower three times, conquered the Empire State Building and is now heading to Israel to climb all 147 flights of the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv! 

Why Is He Climbing The Azrieli Towers?

This December Michael will be bringing his stair climbing to the Holy Land!  Michael has decided that there is no better cause than to put his body to the test for the IDF. 

"This year I am climbing to help IDF soldiers stay warm and get the winter gear they need," explains veteran stair climber Michael Rollhaus. "I want IDF soldiers to know how much we care and appreciate their efforts, so I am teaming up with Standing Together in order to purchase warm winter gear for Israel's soldiers."

If IDF soldiers can put their lives on the line to protect Israel from radical Islamic terror, Michael figured he certainly can climb a couple of flights (147!!) to help support them. 

To Sponsor Winter Gear For IDF Soldiers,
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Winter Gear For IDF

As an IDF sergeant in an Elite Paratroopers unit, I can testify to the fact that we receive very basic winter gear from the IDF.  Soldiers who can afford to, purchase their own gear to fill in the missing items. Michael figures there is no reason that the same men and women who are putting their lives on the line must also pay for their own gear!

Michael is not in the best of shape but when he knows that people are sponsoring his climb to help purchase winter gear for IDF soldiers, there is not a staircase in the world he will not conquer! ALL proceeds will be going to the 
IDF Winter Pack Campaign.

What Can You Do To Help Michael Reach The Top? 

After speaking with several high ranking IDF officers, Standing Together has put together an operational winter pack that will keep IDF soldiers warm and dry without compromising their operational ability. 
The Winter packs include a waterproof fleece designed to wear in battle, fleece hat, thermal undershirt, neck warmer, 3 pairs of thermal socks and specially designed operational gloves with a trigger finger slit.
When I asked Michael how many soldiers he wants to assist, his answer was fast and very serious: ALL OF THEM!

Help Michael get to the top and keep IDF soldiers warm!

Israel Shield has already sponsored 5 packs! 

Now is your chance to really say 'Thank You' to the soldiers of the IDF!  Sponsor 1 or as many packs as you would like. 

Click on the team below & keep them warm while they keep Israel SAFE!

Who Is Standing Together?

Standing Together is a non-profit organization whose goal is to support IDF soldiers with whatever they need and wherever they are! I personally saw Standing Together in action as my unit came back from a long and hard tour in the Lebanon war in 06'. It was the Standing Together truck and ONLY that truck that was waiting at the border to give us everything from a cold drink to fresh clothing and even new operational gear! 

Watch this  video that was made about what Standing Together did during the Lebanon war.


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