Just How Barbaric Are Israel's Enemies? This Should Clear Things Up For You!

Those of us living in Israel understand the destructive, fascist and murdering ideology that fuels radical Muslims who have no respect for life.  The same ideology exists in Israel with organizations like ISIS, Hizbollah and AL Qaeda and these organizations are portraying themselves as freedom fighters and victims of a fabricated national occupation. 

The truth is there is no occupation of Palestine and Israel never stole, conquered or occupied an Arab country called Palestine, but that topic will be addressed in a different post. 

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We have tried to explain that this conflict has nothing to do with land, and those who fight Israel and seek to destroy us are based on hatred, bigotry and murder. 

Now, I know what you're thinking - that I am a biased Zionist Jew so I can't be trusted. First of all you are half right. I am a VERY Zionistic religious Jew but when it comes to trust, don't take my word for it, listen very carefully to the new music hit coming out of the Palestinian Authority area. It almost sounds like a Borat song only this time, these barbaric murderers are serious. 

Watch the video and you tell me what Israel should do!


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  1. I do the cross out too, with regard to substituting Pa-lie-stine with Israel. More people should do it !


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