The One Video That Makes Iran's Plan For A Nuclear Bomb Hilariously Terrifying!

Generally speaking, nuclear bombs are not a laughing matter - but when it comes to the world's reaction to the radical Islamic rule in Iran, who is claiming their nuclear capabilities are for peaceful use, one cannot help but add in an LOL and then an OMG!

Watch this video called "The Bomb" 

Let me know if you laughed or cried?

While the Iranian leadership has stated clearly that they would like to see Israel off the map, as well their hate for the USA and all Western societies, Obama and the West have completely ignored the warnings and have ridiculously closed their eyes and ears so that they can make believe a nuclear Iran is nothing to worry about.


While the world focuses and points a finger at Israel for reacting to radical Islamic terror groups such as Hamas, Iran is building a nuclear bomb that can make Washington look like Hiroshima!
But hey! Who cares about a nuclear bomb when the world can focus on Israel stopping weapons and terror tunnels being built in the Hamas controlled Gaza strip!

 What Do You Think Israel Should Have Done In Gaza?

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