The Video That Tells The Truth About Palestinian LIES and The Temple Mount!

Islamic terror has hit the streets of Israel lately and is fueled by the Islamic incitement that claims Israel is looking to take over the Temple Mount.

While there would be no moral problem with Israel reclaiming the Temple Mount from the occupying Islamic forces who built a mosque over the holiest Jewish site, the claims are simply false!

Here is the truth about the status quo on the Temple Mount!

There is one small fact that was omitted in this video.  The Temple Mount is the ONLY place in Israel where freedom of worship is NOT upheld. In fact, the holiest site for the Jewish people is the ONLY place in the free world where Jews are not free to pray. If a Jew is even seen mumbling a prayer he is arrested and thrown off the Temple Mount by orders of the Mufti! 

Did someone say Apartheid?
Watch as Muslims attempt to chase Jews off the Temple Mount as the Jews came to pray on the holiest spot in the world for Judaism

As a Jew and an Israeli, I demand the Israeli government change the status quo on the Temple Mount, stop the radical Islamic fascist rule and allow Jews the right to pray on the holiest Jewish site. 
If you believe Jews should have a right to pray on the Temple Mount comment below #FreeTheTempleMount! 
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We Always Win, We Can't Afford To Lose!


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  1. It's truly sad that there is a mosque on the Temple Mount. I believe God absolutely HATES that and will eventually remove it!


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